Wednesday, 17 February 2016


A woman from the building contractors, T. Brown, called me this morning. I discovered that the access they want is to actually get on to the scaffolding. Via my flat. The only way onto the scaffolding from my flat is through my bedroom window. This will be very awkward as the scaffold platform is not on a level with the bottom of the window, but halfway up the lower sash, allowing a gap of less than 45cm to squeeze through. The scaffold platform is also 120cm above the bedroom floor. I doubt any of this complies with Health & Safety requirements.

The woman at T. Brown didn't know anything, had just been given my number to call to arrange access. Obviously, Mr Crawley gave my number to T. Brown.

I tried to explain to T. Brown woman that it wasn't the best way to access the scaffold but she didn't understand so I just said fine, come round on Monday morning.

To clarify, this is just about repairing the crack in the external wall, nothing to do with the roof. Nothing's happening with the roof.

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